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What exactly is Human Design?

You have probably heard of the term "Human Design", but what is it exactly?

Human Design is a system that was "channeled" by a Canadian who was living in Ibiza in 1987. Then known as Alan Robert Krakower (now Ra Uru Hu), he was out walking his dog the evening of January 3, and upon his return to his cabin, he noticed a strange light inside. He walked through the door and had an encounter with "the voice" who told him it was time to get to work.

For the next 8 days and nights Ra received a transmission of incredible information that we now know as Human Design, all while the dog remained fast asleep under the desk.

I bring up the dog, because I found this part of the story absolutely fascinating. Don't get me wrong, so much of Ra's story is pretty incredible, but the DOG. The dog drops to the ground, and remains fast asleep during the entire 8 days. Once the channeling was complete, the dog wakes up, and all is well! This really shook me as I knew that this is the work of something much bigger than us.

If you are curious to hear the entire story from Ra himself, I will link the video below. It's a long video, but if you're interested, I encourage you to check it out!

A Blend of Ancient Systems

Okay, so now we have established HOW it came to be, lets dive into WHAT it is.

It is the Science of Differentiation. You are completely individual, divinely unique, magnetically correct.

Human Design is like a marriage of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, i'Ching, Western Astrology, the Chakra System and Quantum Physics. It is like a map of your souls contract with the Divine Universe. It is basically, who you are at an energetic level. A blueprint if you will, at the time of your birth before any conditioning takes place. Entering your birth data into any number of free sites, my favourites being , or this example taken from , your "energetic" chart will appear.

Here is mine:

So why is who you are at an energetic level so important? Think of the innocence of a very young child. Curious, inquisitive, open, receptive, full of love and wonder. Think of who you were before you were told to "do this", "don't do that", "be quiet", "don't ask that", "act this way", or "stop being like that". Think about all the years you were conditioned by your peers, teachers, family, friends; society in general.

Think about the ways you've been taught to make decisions, and how you felt after you made that decision. Did it make you happy? Did it work out? Did you feel uneasy? Did you wish you did things differently?

This is where Human Design steps in. It shows you how you should make decisions in the best, most aligned way for yourself. It shows you where you have likely experienced the most conditioning and where you are to shine your light in the world. Conditioning is unavoidable. It is a part of the human experience, however with HD, you become aware, and can get the right conditioning for you. It shows you signposts of where you may experience struggle, and where you will feel at most ease. It is reconnecting with your most authentic self, so you can experience life in flow. It shows you all of this and so much more!

When I discovered HD I had some big realizations:

-I had been living out of alignment for a while. I was also ignoring the signs

-I had also been ignoring my intuition, which I have discovered is one of my biggest gifts

-I didn't know how, but I knew I wanted to learn to then share with others. I realized I had found my purpose, my path

I always knew I wanted to help others, help as many people as I could live in more ease and aligned with their truest self, but I just didn't know the HOW. After I dove head first into HD I knew that this was the key. After seeing how it has impacted my life, I want to share what I've learned -and will continue to learn- with those who are also interested.

Human Design is an experiment. It is here to show us what is possible, but ultimately we decide if we are up for the experiment or not! SO much occurs at our unconscious level. It is time to open that door and get more acquainted.

So, are you ready to learn more? I encourage you to explore my website, and if it feels right book a Chapter One session with me. I would love to meet you!

Thank you for trusting me,


Ra's encounter with the voice:

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