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Why is Strategy and Authority so important?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Strategy and authority, strategy and authority. These words are hammered in all the time in Human Design, but why are they so important?

First, what is Strategy and Authority?

Strategy is how you are meant to interact with the world, it's your correct way of approaching life, and is determined by your auric quality or rather, in your energy type.

Authority is how you are best to make correct decisions in life. What is important here is that these two truly go hand in hand: you must correctly engage in the world to then have a correct decision making process.

What we are talking about here is flow. Trusting in your aura and how to approach life in the correct way for you and listening to your body when making decisions will align you and keep you in flow for what is correct for you.

Let's take a brief look at the strategy types.

Generator: To Respond

We are responding all day to things: social media, emails, art, books, our animals, people, the list goes on. The sacral (definition of this centre makes a Generator) LOVES responding to things. "Yes! I love this! No, not that. Yes! Our favourite food! No, I hate running. Yes! Let's go on a date with them! No, that's not the job for us." It is how the sacral operates. Uh-huh. Uh-uh. Yes and No. Yes and No.

Manifestor: To Initiate and Inform

Manifestors are the take action people, the path carvers. Due to their defined Throat centre (the manifestation source) connected to at least one motor centre, they have the unique ability to follow their urges to then take action. Oddly enough, while Generators are conditioned to be them, Manifestors are conditioned to not. To be quiet. Yet, informing is an integral part to their strategy.

"The moment that you can truly embrace uniqueness you are divine." – Ra Uru Hu

Manifesting Generator: Respond, Inform, Initiate

They are a hybrid, with power of the sacral and the throat. They are multi-passionate, with the desire to do all the things. By allowing the sacral to respond to the world around them gives a Mani Gen a better ability to then carve their path, to do the correct things for them.

Projectors: Wait for the Invitation

I am blessed with so many Projectors in my life. They are our true guides, with their auric ability to get in and truly understand those around them. Due to their natural guiding abilities, to be well received, it is important for them to wait for the invite to share, to guide, to lead, to take action.

Reflectors: To Wait a Lunar Cycle

The beautiful Reflector are completely open beings who are deeply connected to the environment around them. They are quite literally the mirrors of our world. Thus, they deeply understand everyone and everything that surrounds them. Time is truly a beautiful thing for them to gain clarity and feel peace.

Authority- Our Decision Maker

Now let's dive into Authority, there are seven types:

Emotional Authority: for those who have their Emotional Solar Plexus defined, this trumps all others. Emotions are powerful and strong, and operate in waves. You are meant to move through your emotional wave, to come to a Calm Clarity before making any big decisions.

Sacral Authority: For Generators and Manifesting Generators who do not have the ESP defined. This is an internal audible "uh-huh" for yes or "uh-uh" for no. It is immediate, so you have an ability to make decisions in the moment.

Splenic Authority: You are a Projector or Manifestor and do not have the above two centres defined. The Spleen is highly intuitive and lives in the now. It is our fight or flight: it is always on alert, keeping you safe. This inner knowing is immediate and speaks only once. When making a decision, its important to discern between your "knowing" and "fear".

Ego Authority: The first type, Ego Manifested, the ego centre is connected to the throat. Is all about paying attention to what you are saying in the moment. Listening to your ego, you will hear your truth through your voice. The second type, Ego Projected, your ego is connected to your G centre. This is all about having the will to do something, or not.

Self-Projected Authority: those Projectors who have their G centre connected to their throat: you are hear to use your voice to help make decisions. Speaking out loud to yourself, to the Universe, or to someone you trust can be helpful. Listen to what you say to guide you to the correct decision.

Environmental Authority: There is no definition in your chart below your throat, so understand that your environment is really important to help you make correct decisions. Having a couple people you can sound-board off of is also helpful. Note: they are there to listen, to not give advice, be sure to set that boundary.

Notice how the Mind or Head isn't an Authority?

"Use your head!"

"Well, what do you think?"

A deep conditioning in all of us, our head has no place in anyone's decision making process. This is super important to understand: our mind can often be the loudest voice in our body therefore it's hard to ignore. It is full of opinions and beliefs, it is truly a separate entity (I encourage you to read The Untethered Soul by Michael Alan Singer, if you haven't already). Our mind desires having complete control over what we do. The mind basically thinks it knows better.

When we approach life using our strategy we eliminate resistance. Remember, everything is energy, and how we choose to interact with the world affects us on an energetic level. Giving our body the power to help guide is truly a magical gift. It is highly intuitive, wanting only what's best for us.

Above all, understanding that the answers are never outside of us, they are within us. Even with the last two authorities, it's not about asking the other for advice. It is empowering ourselves to come to conclusion in the time that is correct for us. One of the most interesting and incredible experiments is learning and embracing our own Strategy and Authority. This is why it is so important, and I encourage you to experiment starting today. Until next time.

Sending Light and Strength,


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