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Hi, My Name is...

Hi! My name is Korinna, and I would love to take this post to share a bit about myself.

I am a Sacral Generator, 3/5 profile, RAX Vessel of Love.

A year and a half ago I was listening to the podcast, Expanded with Lacy Phillips. Her guest, Mark Groves and her were chatting away about his life path, and she asked him if he knew his Human Design energy type. He replied that he was a Manifestor, and I immediately thought to myself, "wait, what?" Putting the podcast on pause, I did a google search. Forever grateful that my mom instilled my birth time into my brain, I entered it into the website, and this chart stared back at me:

Ok, not this exact one, but I love the look of this one by

What the f&*k was I looking at??

I remember feeling equally confused and mystified but also INCREDIBLY curious. I have spent the last year and a half researching my own chart, so my evolution within myself has been a beautiful awakening. From the moment I was introduced to my own energetic chart, I knew I wanted to share this with others. I knew I wanted to help others understand their blueprint, I just didn't know HOW. (for those of you who don't know what Human Design is, you can read my blog post here)

Since then, I've been heavily focused on learning all things HD. I will remain a forever student of the system and of my experiment. I can confidently say while I will never know everything there is to know about HD, I will always come at it from a place of love. My ultimate goal is to empower YOU to lean into who you are, embrace every aspect of you, and give you the tools to grow.

I have truly lived a life of the experimental 3 line. From relationships, to jobs, to testing the waters of my life, I have learned SO much. When I was in my early 30s, I was always so frustrated (my not-self theme) at the Universe, wondering "why have you forgotten about me???" I now truly understand I am here to push against life, to learn the lessons to then share with all of you. I am so incredibly passionate about living life authentically and want to hand that empowerment baton to you. If you feel the urge within you to learn more, and it feels right for you, I would love to meet you!

I encourage you to explore my blog posts to learn more and when it feels right for you, book a session with me.

Until next time,


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