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The Lines of the Profile

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

So you know your Energy type, you are navigating your Strategy and have a handle on your Authority. But your Profile? And what do the numbers even mean?

Quite simply, our Profile is described as the costume we wear in this lifetime. It shows our learning style, how others see us, a bit about the journey we are on as well as how we engage with the world. It is our unique role we live out.

There are a total of 12 Profiles: 1/3, 1/4, 2/4, 2/5, 3/5, 3/6, 4/6, 4/1, 5/1, 5/2, 6/2 and 6/3.

As you can see, each profile is made up of two numbers between 1 and 6. These six numbers are called Lines. The best way to understand your Profile is by really understanding the lines, which is what we will be diving into today.

The lines are actually taken from the I'Ching, which I have written a blog post about; you can find that here.

Within each chart, there are 64 gates and each gate has Lines 1 through 6. The best way to understand is to view the chart in its Mandala form.

Imagine the planets slowly circling their way around counterclockwise (except for the Nodes, they go clockwise)

Here is my chart viewed as the Mandala through . In the zoomed in view, you can see gates 37 through 54. These gates are fixed in the mandala. What changes is if the gate is activated or not. For example, gates 30 through 41 and part of 60 are in Aquarius. Gate 13 is activated as it is coloured in. At the time of my birth, both the Moon and Venus were in gate 13. Next to 13 is Gate 19, which is activated by Venus, but on my unconscious side (the symbol is in red), meaning, 88 degrees, or about 3 months, prior to my birth.

Beyond each gate you can see tiny little ticks or lines, there are 6 of them, and beyond that, you see a Hexigram that corresponds to the Gate. The Sun and Earth work in tandem with each other, or, on opposite sides of the wheel.

It takes the Sun/Earth about 5.7 days to go through a Gate. So, when you hear "it's a third line day", this means that it's the third day the sun is in any particular gate!

How can you tell the profile lines in your chart?

As you can see above, about three months prior to my birth, the Sun was in Gate 10.5 (so, it was the 5th day) and the Earth was in 15. When I was born, the Sun was in 25.3 and the earth was in 46.

THIS is how your Profile is determined. So for me, I am a 3/5.

Still with me? Good!

I know that was a lot of technical information to take in, so if you were able to follow along, I am thrilled! Human Design can be incredibly intimidating, I often liken it to the wine industry. There are SO MANY incredibly talented people who know everything there is to know about wine. Their love, care and passion is obvious. However, it can be intimidating for someone who doesn't know anything about wine to get into it. Wine is just smashed and fermented grapes after all. I believe that knowledge shouldn't be inaccessible. It is YOUR energy after all, you should feel comfortable with your understanding.

The Flavours of the Lines

So now we know how the lines of our Profile are determined. As mentioned, the 6 lines are taken from the I'Ching. There are six lines that are stacked on top of each other. The first three lines are considered Interpersonal, which really just means their learning style is connected to themselves. They are more internally focused in personal growth. The top three lines are considered Intrapersonal. They are more externally focused. They are learning about life through experiences with others.

Line 1 The Investigator

We often use a house analogy to better understand each of the 6 lines. So, in this example, Line 1 is like the foundation of a home. Those with a Line 1 in their profile could be likened to a Forever Student. Their appetite for information is never satisfied. These are the scientists, the researchers, they are vastly curious and are constantly studying the world around them to better understand. They really need all the details first, before making any decisions. They are the people who read every review before making any purchase. Line 1s get to the bottom of things. They can also be a bit of a chameleon, preferring to study the behaviours of others.

It is important for Line 1's to do their investigating, because without it, there is a deep insecurity. Having all the information helps stabilize them, makes them feel comfortable to move forward. It is important that Line 1's don't stay in the Investigation phase for forever. They do need to have a plan of action. Don't get stuck behind the magnifying glass.

Line 2 The Hermit

Unlike the Line 1's thirst for research, the Line 2's knowledge is inherent. They are naturally gifted, but what's interesting, is the Line 2 doesn't see these gifts within them.

In our house analogy, the Line 2 is in the first floor home, lights on, curtains open. People can see in, see what they are doing, how they have decorated their home, however they are oblivious to the observers. They are happily doing their own thing without interruptions. But, the people who are looking in can see how tastefully the home is decorated and are curious, wanting to learn more.

This is the push and pull of the Line 2. They want to be left alone, yet people see their talents and will ring the doorbell to ask them for decorating advice. And when the Line 2 is asked to share its knowledge or gifts, it won't really know how to explain how they do what they do. However, it is important for other's to call them out to share as this is how they will recognize their gifts and talents within. Very humble, very happy to be left alone.

There is also a bit of a Projection Field that surrounds the Line 2. They don't always see themselves as they are and don't always see that other's project onto them. It can be a bit of a dance and it is all they need to go hide away again!

Line 3 The Experimenter

Being a Conscious Line 3, I will always have a soft spot for my fellow companions. The Line 3 learns through trial and error. Be it relationships, friendships, jobs, what have you, they are here to push into life and brace for impact. In traditional Human Design, the Line 3 is called the Martyr, which refers to them standing up to say, "This isn't right. This isn't correct. This isn't true" and then take the heat for it. Because of this, they are true catalysts for change.

As we move up the ladder of experience from the Line 1, the Line 3 is like the stairs leading up to the second story of the home.

If the Line 3 truly embodies their experimentation, they can become quite literally experts and masters. They are here to make "mistakes"... I use this word cautiously, because so often we view mistakes as a bad thing. But if we don't make "mistakes", how do we learn? Growing up, I made plenty of "mistakes", but I don't regret any. They have made me who I am today, and I am quite proud of Me.

There is also a theme of "Bonds Made and Broken". This can most easily be seen in relationships. They are quick to see if something isn't working and will "break the bond" with that person. Line 3's are all about seeking the truth about things. They can see a liar from a mile away.

Sounds like it can be a pretty exhausting life being a third line, and it can be if they play in the field of victimhood rather than field experts, but there is so much beauty here too. Line 3s are incredibly resilient, and when they are in their integrity, they are incredibly likeable. Line 3s opportunity for growth and expanding success is a beautiful unfolding over time.

Line 4 The Networker

Here is where we move from the lower trigram, to the upper trigram where we shift from Me to We, where the lines become much more social. The second story social home needs a base, and the Line 4 is just that.

Like the foundation of the first floor home, there is a steadiness, but on the second story it's about an aversion to change. Instead of security for Me, it's "how does this affect us?" The Line 4 needs to have all it's ducks in a row before making any changes. As an example, these are people who have another job lined up before they give their notice to their current one.

In traditional Human Design, the Line 4 is called the Opportunist: it is always looking for opportunities and knows the importance of friendships and friendliness to find them. But remember, this isn't self-serving opportunities. The Line 4 is really looking at the greater good of everyone. So, Line 4s are very friendly by nature, they like to keep the peace, ensure there is harmony so they are often trying to make everyone happy. Saying "no" can be a big challenge for them. They can also be a bit of an abdicator... when conflict arises, they are often no where to be found.

Intimacy is very important for them too, often preferring to be friends first before getting into a relationship.

These are great networkers. Line 4s are designed to be very influential, but here's the catch, they are here to influence their network, and not strangers. Their network will "get" them and will be drawn and deeply loved by them. This symbiotic relationship is important. The quality of the Line 4's network will directly impact them. So I always encourage a line 4, if they are struggling to be seen, to assess their network they surround themselves with.

Line 5 The Universalizer

The 5th line is said to actually be the highest line in the Hexigram, which can be surprising, as one would expect this from the 6th line. The thing with the 6th line is that its always looking ahead to the first line of the next Hexigram. In our house analogy, the 5th Line is the second story window, with the curtains drawn. No one can see in and they are cautiously peaking out.

Line 5s are like the General, this is the highest expression of leadership. They are who people look to when panic strikes. They have a natural ability to find the quickest exit route. They can step outside of a situation to help offer solutions. And this right here is the Projection Field that the Line 5s face. This draw that people have to the Line 5 is also their natural seduction and allure. They have an ability to draw people in, to make people pay attention. Unlike the Line 4 who are here to influence their network, the Line 5 has a broader reach. They often experience being Strangers of Consequence: they have an ability to influence or have an impact on strangers who happen to cross their path.

This Projection Field acts like a mirror: so often others project their expectations of a line 5 on them, and if its incorrect, they wind up being disappointed. For example, some projections they experience can be that they are the perfect child, the perfect partner, the perfect friend, the perfect employee. This can be exceptionally hard for the line 5 (and naturally so, living up to others expectations means you aren't able to be YOUR SELF), so often they become very cautious and paranoid of others. They easily hide away to avoid the projections; reputation is incredibly important to a Line 5. Often times, they are shy, revealing their true self to a small few whom they trust.

The Line 5 is here to offer practical, universal truth. They are here to guide and show the way, but ONLY if it is correct for THEM. And the best way for them to get into the "correct" projection field is by Strategy and Authority.

We have reached the final Line, the roof of the home, or as I read somewhere, "The Sage on the Mountaintop". They are our optimistic role models who show us how to trust in being our unique selves. This optimism they have can make them very quick to trust, which often leads them to getting hurt and building walls. What is interesting about this however, is that they are meant to find their "soul mate" to help them carry out their destiny. (Pretty romantic, if you ask me.)

There is a bit of a nobility sort of air about the line 6s, almost like "been there, done that, have the award" energy, which isn't far from the truth. This Role Model type doesn't immerge overnight. In fact, they live their life in three distinct phases.

The first phase, from birth to about 28-30 years old, they actually live their life much like a 3rd Line: experiencing life through trial and error. This is important for them because what better way to be knowledgeable about something than to actually experience it?! They need to learn what works and what doesn't work. They need to break, then heal and refine. As they near their Saturn return, things start to cool off as the enter their second phase.

This phase is called being "on the roof", and really this is all about integration. The intensity that they have known for the first 30 years begins to ease as they enter a cycle of healing. It can be a pretty big shift, which can feel a little numbing or depressing. What's important here is to feel, process and allow this shift. Reflect on the past, learn the lessons and integrate. It's a really good time for them to focus on building a business, perfecting their gifts and study in the fields they are passionate about. After a while, it can become comfortable being on the roof, but don't get too cozy, because then they hit the third and final phase.

Here, around 48-52 years of age, is where they step off the roof and fully into their Role Model title. The experiences from the first 30 years, to the integration and establishment of who they are in the second phase, they now have the tools and WISDOM to guide others. This can take a while to "defrost" (if they also have a 2nd line in their profile, there may be resistance) but they have value and can provide SO much to those who WILL come seeking guidance. It can certainly feel vulnerable, but if they lean in, it can become the most exceptional awakening! Living true authenticity will never taste as sweet as this :)

So there you have it. Each of the Profile lines. Every single one offering SO much to self and to others.

In Light and Strength


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