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We are all broken down into five energy types. Within each of us, we have 9 centres, 36 channels, 64 gates which are either undefined, or defined by 11 planets and 2 moon nodes. Each gate has 6 lines, which make up the 12 profiles. There is also our Incarnation Cross of a total of 768 variations. Then there is our variables, there are 16 variations, and within that, a substructure.

All of this to tell us what, exactly? Well, in my humble opinion, that we are indeed complex, individual, divinely unique humans with our own personal journey of discovery, and the lessons and growth within that. It is also a story of our energy. The energy that is ours that we are here to share with those around us, as well as where and how we receive energy from others. It is a gift really, a form of awareness to see where our gifts lie, why we are here, what we are to share with the world, and the challenges we are to overcome to be the very best version of ourselves.

When I first embarked on my own personal path, I'm embarrassed to admit, had feelings of wishing I was a different energy type. I soon discovered this was a very common occurrence (and it's also a not-self energy). Now, I stand in who I am, and honor myself as who I am.

As you begin your journey, I encourage you to pay attention to any feelings that may rise up. Here is the most beautiful thing about Human Design: we ALL have a vital role to play, and our uniqueness is beautiful and incredibly important. There is no "better" type. These feelings of jealousy is a low expression of who we are. And our low expression is just another lesson to learn to catapult us into our higher, more divinely beautiful self.

Another thing to consider is starting a journal specifically for this journey. From the moment we are born, we experience conditioning, and through Human Design we discover where we are conditioned, thus beginning the process of de-conditioning. It's important to let out what comes up.

There is a great awareness in this process, and it takes time. Ra Uru Hu says it takes 7 years to fully embody your design. While this remains to be proven within myself, I think it's important to mention. Come at this from a place of GRACE. Grace is important because we will always experience conditioning, and will always be de-conditioning. There is no point in our human existence where we reach the "end", where we are fully deconditioned, where we pour ourselves a glass of wine and say "well, there you have it, I have reached the pinnacle of deconditioned perfection!" Having acceptance for what is, and be open to learn the lessons along the way will make for a more playful ride.

There are many brilliant human design bloggers out there who do an incredible job explaining the different parts of Human Design.


I will link those below for you. My blog will be a little different. I am not looking to reinvent the wheel, or talk about an energy type, or the centres, or the gates in a different way than has already been shared. To be honest, there is SO much information (as we have seen above) that it would take me years to write. My blog will be different. I will use my strategy and authority to guide me. I truly want to explore how we can use the lens of Human Design to live with more awareness, more intention, and I want freedom for myself to do so.

I hope my blog will be useful for you to really lean into who you are, to embrace all the juicy and not so juicy parts of you, because those fleshy parts are so personal and individual to you. It makes you, YOU. Learning to live without judgement of self or others is such an important lesson. Giving ourselves this gift, is the most delicious present of them all. Until next time.

Sending you light and strength,


Here are some incredible blogs that I recommend if you are interested in diving in to the different areas of Human Design

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