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Welcome to Three Five By Design where I take the rather complex -and esoteric- system of Human Design and make it far more approachable and digestible. The Integration Store is where you will find content you need to help best understand your unique chart. I am passionate about helping you unlock your true potential and live in alignment with your authentic self.

Need help understanding your chart?

I've got you covered

"Everything is energy
and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way." Albert Einstein

my services

Chakra Stones on Hand
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Cup Cacao

one on one chart reading

integrational digital content 

cacao exploration + facilitation

Ready to know your human design? book a session with me!

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I offer 1:1 in-depth zoom call where we explore all aspects of your chart including -but not limited to- type, strategy, authority, circuitry, conditioning, gifts, challenges and planetary influences

1:1 Human Design Readin
Meet Korinna
Hi, I'm Korinna

Allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I am a Reiki Master, as well as a Cacao and Meditation Facilitator. In addition, I am also a Human Design and Alignment Guide. I am a 3/5 Sacral Generator, RAX Vessel of Love.


I'm kind of obsessed with energy.

I first awakened to find the "why" over 10 years ago. My curiosity and desire for more took me on many twists and turns (that third line life ;) ). It was October 2020 when I first heard about Human Design. Since then I decided to take the deep dive, and I haven't stopped. I've done over 70 readings for individuals, such as yourself who are curious to understand and embody.

Hi beauty, I'm Korinna

Human Design offers valuable insights into how we are designed to operate, allowing us to navigate life with more clarity and purpose. Reiki serves as a powerful tool to harmonize the energies within us, promoting balance and healing on a holistic level. Cacao, with its heart-opening properties, provides a nurturing space for self-discovery and emotional exploration. These modalities help people embrace their authenticity, find their voice, and live authentically. This is what I hope my offerings provide you.

By incorporating these practices, I aim to create a supportive environment for individuals, such as yourself, to tap into their true essence, cultivate curious self-awareness, and experience life with more joy and alignment. 

okay, what do I do next?

What is human design? go here.

Integrative video content?go here

Curious about cacao? go here

Prefer 1:1 guidance? go here

Testimonies for ThreeFiveByDesign
Each session I had with Korinna builds in the complexity of my personal HD. As someone who had known a little bit about my design before meeting with Korinna, I was absolutely blown away by the depths of my chart she was able to unpack for me.


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