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Simply, it is a modality designed to get you into alignment with your authentic self. It is a chart that shows your energetic Being, your essence. Within this chart we discover so many cool and unique aspects of You


 We can see your strengths, your gifts, challenges you are here to face - and overcome. It shows us your learning style and how you are to best -and confidently- make decisions that are correct for you

It shows us the polarities within you. How you tend to express when you are not in alignment and how you confidently engage when you are tuned in, tapped in and turned on

It's not a cheat code but rather a beautiful unfolding of contemplation for those who desire to expand, who are curious

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knowing your human design helps you...

Meditating by the water
feel more aligned

You will have more awareness of your actions and reactions to those around you. You will better understand your conditionings, and how to better make decisions that are correct for yourself. You will have more confidence to set boundaries to honour the person you are designed to be, thus feeling more ease and flow as you navigate through this lifetime

honour who you are

You are given licensing to be who you are. You will learn your strengths, what you are here to provide the world as well as the challenges you are here to face to become the very BEST version of yourself. You will learn to give yourself grace as you experiment with your design which is meant to be FUN! Approaching your life from a place of play, joy and curiosity, loving who you are authentically

Basking in the Sunlight
Purple Flower
manage your energy

By seeing and understanding who you are at an energetic level involves a lot of self-compassion. You will learn the importance of energy management and honouring exactly what you need. Burn out happens to everyone, and recognizing how it happens at a cellular level, can help you pay more attention to the warning signs.

make decisions in confidence

No one is meant to make decisions with their mind. In fact, we are all designed to make decisions individual to us. 

Thinking of moving? New job? Marriage? Every day we are faced with making decisions big and small. By understanding HOW to make the correct decisions for you is such a game changer! Check out my blog  that speaks more about this.

Scales of Life
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