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The Energetic New Year

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Energetically speaking, New Years is not the best time to create "resolutions". If you have your sights set on having an epic 2023, it may be a good idea to read this post.

I worked in a large, two floor Restaurant/Bar for over 16 years. The holiday season was ALWAYS hectic. Beginning in November, Christmas parties would start, right up until the 23rd of December. We would then have two days off, just enough time to quickly visit family and eat some turkey (maybe celebrate surviving the holidays with friends) and then we were right back at it for a busy Boxing Day brunch, with a quick reprieve only to finish by hosting an Epic New Years Eve party.

Thinking back on those days brings a tightness to my chest. It was a whirlwind and I don't really know how I got through those couple months. It made the end of the year very overwhelming and once New Years rolled around, it always felt... lacklustre. From blowing up hundreds of balloons, to pouring hundreds of plastic cups of bubbly, to rushing to hand out paper crowns and ridiculous noise makers, the vibe was always the same: intense.

Now that I understand the energies that surround us, and make us who we are, I now completely understand why there was so much adrenalized pressure during this time. Don't worry, I am not here to rain on your celebration on December 31st. I, like most people, look to the new year as just that, "NEW". We create intentions, goals, resolutions all the time and the end of a year cycle is typically a great time to do that.

But this year, why not use the energies that surround us in your favour?

The Planets and the Mandela

As we know, our Earth orbits the Sun which is how time is determined. We receive 70% of our neutrinos from this giant star (basically tiny particles made of start dust) and it gives us life, so needless to say, it's critically important to us.

All the Planets slowly rotate counter clockwise around the mandala, activating the gates as they move along (except for the Nodes of the Moon, they move clockwise.)

In Human Design, the Sun and Earth work in tandem, and are on opposite sides of the wheel.

The Sun and Earth are defining energies for all of us and are what we often focus on during the transits. Their full transit around the Mandala takes about 365 days, spending about 5.7 days in each gate. So, where the sun's placement is, determines the overall energetic theme we feel on a day to day basis.

Now let's take a look at the Sun and Earth transits leading up to New Years.

Christmas Time

Sometime during the 25th/26th, the Sun enters 58, the Gate of Joy and Earth enters 52- Stillness. Think about this time of year. It is typically a time filled with joy. One of the big messages of 58 is remembering that joy is not something that you find, but rather something you create. Christmas is hallmarked by a jolly man who gives from the heart. The energy from 52- Stillness is all about being grounded and helps focus our energy so we can be present. The irony is that so many of us wind up travelling to see family, but yet, what do we all desire during time? To stay home, and have our loved ones with us, whether it be with family or with those special people we choose to be our family.

Gregorian New Year

After about 6 days here, around December 31st, the Sun moves to Gate 38- The Fighter, and the Earth moves to 39- Provocation. Both of these gates are in the Root, which is a Pressure centre that wants us to act. It's a provoking energy, wanting us to find what is worth fighting for. Working in the bar industry, I can confirm that this energy is VERY present during this time. As you can see, its also not a really great time to make New Years Resolutions. Often, those words give us an icky taste in our mouth! And no wonder! This energy is about PROVOKING, after all. What this energy is really great for, however, is to look back on the year. Did you find purpose and meaning? What can you do without? Did you find yourself fighting for things that felt correct for you? Or were you "fighting" for the sake of fighting? Gate 39 wants to provoke SPIRIT. It wants us to align with our abundant birthright. It wants us to wake the fuck up, and see that we are all worthy of abundance. This is a time of reflection rather than looking ahead.

January 5-10th-ish

Here the Sun enters Gate 54- Ambition and the Earth into 53- Beginnings. Certainly much more supportive to creating sustaining ideals for the new year. Gate 54 wants us to look ahead, it has lots of ambition and drive to succeed. And 53 is all about starting new things. This week you will probably find you feel quite driven to start creating those plans. I encourage you to sit and journal about how you would like your 2023 to look. We have more energetic support to help carry us through as we move into the next cycle.

January 11-16th-ish

The Sun enters Gate 61- Inner Truth and the Earth enters 62- Opinions. This is a great time to really assess what you've journaled on in a more detailed way. This is really all about turning things inward. Inner Truth asks, are these goals/visions/resolutions/ intentions correct for you? Or are you being influenced by others? It wants to go deep and uncover those hidden truths. 62 wants the facts. Again, when we pressure ourselves to make resolutions, if we are not intentional, we find ourselves faltering sometime in February. By allowing ourselves to get honest with ourselves, "is this truly what I want? Do I have enough drive/ambition? Is this truly correct for ME?" we will find ourselves succeeding much more.

For example, a popular resolution is being more active, maybe you find yourself getting a gym membership. But if you feel resistance, or perhaps you're feeling outside pressure, ask yourself why. We want to do what's aligned for us. For some, that's hiking, or yoga, or weight lifting, or joining a sport. Moving our bodies looks different for everyone. Don't get the membership unless it feels correct for you. Give yourself permission to do what is aligned and feels good. Get honest with yourself during this time. Allow yourself to go inward and get clear.

January 16-21st-ish

We are almost there! This is the final week before we enter the Energetic New Year. The Sun enters Gate 60- Limitation and Earth enters 56- Storyteller. This is all about letting go!

"Acceptance of limitation is the first step in transcendence."- Gate 60

Letting go of the outcome, of expectations, of control, is certainly one of the most challenging things we all face. Letting go of the idea that we have to "make things happen"- that if "we don't work hard we won't succeed" is a deep conditioning in all of us. To be clear: I am all about Inspired Action, but so often we let our mind run our lives and our mind has a lot to say about a LOT of things. It ruminates on past errors, on past stories; it doesn't want us to make the same mistakes. Gate 60 teaches us about acceptance of what IS, and all we have is NOW. We must learn to give gratitude to the past and not let it run our future.

This acceptance of what IS also teaches us something else. So often we get so hung up on HOW we want our year to go, or HOW our "resolution" should transpire, that we don't allow a key player into the mix: The Universe. There is always a Divine Plan. We can want things to go a certain way, but the Universe ultimately knows what is best for us.

For example, at the beginning of last year, I was hoping that I would be in Bali by now, yoga in the mornings and working on my tan in the afternoons. Since I am looking out my window at a blistery Canadian winter, this was not the plan of the Universe. In fact, I am grateful, because I am currently working towards my Reiki Mastery. While I am not a fan of our Canadian winters, I am deeply grateful that I am still here. It takes a lot of faith to trust Universe/Source, and like anyone, there are times I question, or stand on shaky ground. But with every misstep, She is there, and my trust strengthens.

We are not the same as we were yesterday, let alone two years ago. And Gate 56, the Storyteller loves to tell a good story from the past. So be mindful of the stories you are telling yourself about why you cannot do something during this time. If you have created your goals, gone inward to ensure they are correct for you, accepted that you will be open to the surprise of the unfolding, then don't allow stories of the past to hold you back.

The Rave New Year

And here we are, the Rave New Year! The Sun enters Gate 41-Imagination at 1:38am est on January 22nd of 2023 and Earth enters 31- Influence. Gate 41 is an initiating codon (or the start of a new cycle) and starts the energetic new year. It loves to create new worlds, new fantasies, and has the pressure and desire to have new experiences. It's daydreamer energy. In the I'Ching, it is called "Decrease", and the idea here is that if we have too many fantasies, you struggle act upon any of them. But, if you decrease your options, you can bring them to life, and have the energy to do so. Gate 31 is very influential, and a design of leadership, which help grounds these dreams through its experiences.

So there you have it.

I truly hope the breakdown of the energies around this time helps you in some way. Whether purely for pleasure, or perhaps a reframe on how you feel this time of year, the goal always.....

To your Expansion


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